Africa Week 4

Monday, July 8. First, apologies. We’ve been so busy doing things that I haven’t taken very many photos. I’m just a lousy photojournalist. Great start to the week. Michelle has a cold and feels miserable. Hot baths, ginger, and sleep have not cured it, so she’s staying in bed today — although she will try […]

Week 3

Monday, July 1. Nathan returned to Houston from two weeks in the mountains of New Mexico at Philmont Scout Ranch. He leaves tomorrow to join us in Kenya. David P’s daughter admires him for traveling alone at 16. We have visions of him winding up in Moscow instead of Nairobi. Michelle wrote him a two-page […]

Week 2

So what has happened to them, you’re wondering? Sorry it’s taken so long to update the blog. Excuses: intermittent wifi at the Rafiki Village, they actually expect us to work, “missionary midnight” is either 8 or 9 p.m. depending on who you ask, most nights we don’t get back to the cottage until 8 p.m., […]